Glycemic index (GI) defines the capacity of an ingredient or a meal, to increase the sugar in blood content, on a scale from 0 to 100. Reference value is the glucose response (base=100). A GI egual or below 55 is considered as low (ref Brand Miller Table).

Glycemic variation
(sugar level in blood)


Diabemix products have been designed studying the balance between different macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), and especialy taking care of limitating the quantity of carbohydrates in order to lower as much as possible the glycemic index.

Diabemix glycemic index (43) has been mesured in vitro by Englyst method, in a specialised laboratory, comparing Dibemix products with reference products ( eg: Diabemix bread compared with normal white bread).

Some glycemic index


Low GI food

Advocado 10
Black chocolate 70% cocoa 22
Raw tomato 30
Raw apple 36
Half skimmed milk 37
Cooked carots 39
Oat flakes 40
Diabemix bread 43
Raw peach 43
Cooked green lentils 48
Pasta 49

Medium GI food

Hamburger bun 61
Apricot in sirup 64
Mature banana 65
Whole meal bread 65

Food with high GI

Watermelon 75
Cooked white rice 75
Boiled potatoes 78
Glucose 100

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